Sunday, September 18, 2011

Items being prepared for this blog

1. I undertook to review the new book by Eric Walberg, Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games. It is a formidable task for me. My interest in Walberg's study was aroused because I believe the historical trajectory of the dominant global culture is directed towards universal immolation, and I believe that Walberg's understanding of the cause is basically correct. I will post my review with the dateline 2011-09-01.

2. I reprinted a report from the Middle East Online website at datelined 2011-09-02, titled Turkey expels Israeli envoy in flotilla report row. Ankara suspended all military ties with Tel Aviv as UN report slams Israel’s ‘excessive’ force against Gaza aid flotilla
Ankara - Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador to Ankara Friday and suspended all military ties with its one-time ally after a UN report slammed the “excessive” force used in a raid on a Gaza aid flotilla. 

3. I am assembling a record of my geographic locations in the time period from my elementary school years (Jan 1930 - Jan 1938) through our lives in Mexico. I'll post this page with the dateline 2011-09-03.

4. I reprinted the text of an article by Témoris Grecko from the 6 Sep 2011 issue of the daily Mexican paper, Proceso, which I translated into English. Grecko deals with the crisis in which Israeli society is immersed. It is on my website with the dateline 2011-09-06.

5. This posting combines the angry demand, 'Jews out of Palestine! Back to Brooklyn, Hoboken, Vladivostok, the "Borscht Belt" ' with a moving call for universal brother/sisterhood from the wonderful loving clarity of an Arab friend, J.B. Bargouti. Its "must read" response from a Palestinian-American friend is truly a "must read". It will be on my website datelined 2011-09-08.

6. and 7. In this 2-Part article by the Mexican critic José Steinsleger, the blindness and stupidity of the Israeli Zionist project is mocked. As far as I know these first appeared as contributed opinion pieces on the back covers of La Jornada on Sept 7 and 14, 2011, titled Palestina, México y América Latina/Parts I and II (y último)”. I used as a title for the second part, The Intifada that's coming, Part II. I'll dateline them 2011-09-09 and 2011-09-10.

8. As I was floundering -- trying to find a way to publish my material to be available to a large group -- a friend suggested I might try blogging. This inspired me to look into some modern FTP possibilities. Thus far I haven't made use of them. For the time being I've datelined that information 2011-09-13.

      Clearly this is an ongoing project, with a very narrow focus. I'm open to whatever suggestions and help folks wish to offer. George, Sunday 18 Sept 2011.

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  1. Hello George, I see that you have turned away from the opportunity to lambast the skimmers on the SftP list. Easy targets actually, and the learning curve seems to be near flat. It seems that occasionally addressing the bases of "western science" would be something that you would have an interest in. I suspect that your passions about Palestine, imperialism, anarchism, societal change and the like have additional roots within the morality of science. You have Walberg's book that you are working. I've been exploring the roots of western science and its ideology through the "pre-Socratics," contra to the Eurocentricism and the Christian/Judaism-centric fictions. Remembering that these "opportunities" tend to slowly develop at first, bring it on. Tadit