Sunday, September 18, 2011

Items being prepared for this blog

1. I undertook to review the new book by Eric Walberg, Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games. It is a formidable task for me. My interest in Walberg's study was aroused because I believe the historical trajectory of the dominant global culture is directed towards universal immolation, and I believe that Walberg's understanding of the cause is basically correct. I will post my review with the dateline 2011-09-01.

2. I reprinted a report from the Middle East Online website at datelined 2011-09-02, titled Turkey expels Israeli envoy in flotilla report row. Ankara suspended all military ties with Tel Aviv as UN report slams Israel’s ‘excessive’ force against Gaza aid flotilla
Ankara - Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador to Ankara Friday and suspended all military ties with its one-time ally after a UN report slammed the “excessive” force used in a raid on a Gaza aid flotilla. 

3. I am assembling a record of my geographic locations in the time period from my elementary school years (Jan 1930 - Jan 1938) through our lives in Mexico. I'll post this page with the dateline 2011-09-03.

4. I reprinted the text of an article by Témoris Grecko from the 6 Sep 2011 issue of the daily Mexican paper, Proceso, which I translated into English. Grecko deals with the crisis in which Israeli society is immersed. It is on my website with the dateline 2011-09-06.

5. This posting combines the angry demand, 'Jews out of Palestine! Back to Brooklyn, Hoboken, Vladivostok, the "Borscht Belt" ' with a moving call for universal brother/sisterhood from the wonderful loving clarity of an Arab friend, J.B. Bargouti. Its "must read" response from a Palestinian-American friend is truly a "must read". It will be on my website datelined 2011-09-08.

6. and 7. In this 2-Part article by the Mexican critic José Steinsleger, the blindness and stupidity of the Israeli Zionist project is mocked. As far as I know these first appeared as contributed opinion pieces on the back covers of La Jornada on Sept 7 and 14, 2011, titled Palestina, México y América Latina/Parts I and II (y último)”. I used as a title for the second part, The Intifada that's coming, Part II. I'll dateline them 2011-09-09 and 2011-09-10.

8. As I was floundering -- trying to find a way to publish my material to be available to a large group -- a friend suggested I might try blogging. This inspired me to look into some modern FTP possibilities. Thus far I haven't made use of them. For the time being I've datelined that information 2011-09-13.

      Clearly this is an ongoing project, with a very narrow focus. I'm open to whatever suggestions and help folks wish to offer. George, Sunday 18 Sept 2011.

Saturday, September 17, 2011